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Cannabis and Cancer Care

Specialists are asked constantly by most of their malignant growth patients about cannabinoid-based meds that could help improve their disease care.

The issue is, specialists just need to utilize proof based items and there's as of now an absence of these items in the business.

This is something Jay Pharma needs to change.

Dave Johnson, who is set to step into the job of Jay Pharma Chairman and CEO had the accompanying to state:

"As per a 2018 study of 237 clinical oncologists, 80% of oncologists examine clinical cannabis with patients and about one-half suggest it clinically. Basically, just 30% of oncologists feel adequately educated to make proposals with respect to clinical cannabis, recommending an enormous neglected chance to teach oncologists and give inquire about that underpins the security of clinical cannabis. In a market that is profoundly immature with minimal clinical information, Jay Pharma can possibly stand separated as a designer of cannabinoid-put together treatments solely engaged with respect to the necessities of malignancy patients."