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Hemp vs Marijuana: The Big Difference

Vaporizer Vaporizing CBD with a vape pen offers immediate benefits. But since a vaporizer heats the hemp oil without burning it, no actual smoke is involved. This makes it a healthier alternative to smoking. 

Tincture Tinctures are herbal remedies in which the active CBD oil is dissolved in alcohol or another solvent. Their effect, duration and dosing are similar to that of edibles, making them quite effective. 

Sublingual Spray Sublingual sprays are made from hemp extracts that are mixed with other substances like coconut oil. You can spray the CBD concentrate under the tongue and feel first effects within 5 to 15 minutes. Sublingual sprays are a great option for discrete and timely CBD dosing. Plus there's no lingering smell to deal with. 

Edible Edibles are foods cooked or baked with hemp-infused oil or butter. The effects of orally consumed cannabis can last 4 to 6 hours - much longer than if you were to smoke or vape the CBD. The onset, however, is much slower. 

Capsule & Gel Cap 

CBD oil can also be taken in a capsule or gel cap like a supplement or vitamin. The effect, dosing and duration are close to most edibles. 

Cannabis Tea Hemp prepared as an herbal tea will include significant amounts of CBD in their raw form because the low temperature isn't enough for "decarboxylation." Juicing will result in a similar product. 

Topicals & Salves CBD oil tinctures can also be infused into balms and lotions, and applied directly to the skin. 


This CBD isolate allows users to create their own infused products or even simply consume it in its raw form. 

Medterra, the Kentucky based CBD company, decided to offer tincture, a vaporizer, gel capsules, and crystalline in order to stock enough variety to satisfy customers. Each of these products are non-GMO and contain zero THC