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Best CBD Tincture for Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex condition. Traditional pharmaceuticals do not always help. Sometimes one must search for other remedies to improve the condition. Caleaf is ready and available to help you find the best CBD tincture for anxiety that is on the market. Scientists vet our products to ensure their quality and efficacy.

What is the difference between CBD oil and a tincture?

The difference between a CBD oil and a CBD tincture is merely what the CBD mixes with. In CBD oil, you combine CBD with oil, while in a tincture, you mix CBD with alcohol. The mix of a tincture can range from 25% up to 90% ethanol. Tinctures and oils don’t serve any other purpose than a mixing agent for the CBD.

As previously stated, the base of a tincture is alcohol. Not every kind of alcohol is acceptable for a base.  Only ethyl alcohol or ethanol is acceptable. Other types of alcohol are toxic and are not safe for human consumption. For some people, the alcohol of choice is Everclear.  Everclear has a high alcohol proof rating (190 proof-95% pure alcohol). Since people drink it, you know it is safe for consumption, therefore, safe for a tincture.

Benefits of a CBD Tincture

While both an oil and a tincture are effective methods for the delivery of CBD, a tincture can provide a few perks. Tinctures are flavored so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant tastes which can happen with some variations of oils. Tinctures also increase the absorption rate to the body. While this is a plus for anyone taking CBD for any condition, it's great for those who take it for pain relief. The alcohol used to create the tincture also extends the shelf life of your products. The alcohol almost acts like a preserving agent which can help products last for years. This is great if you do not take CBD daily or take it for conditions like anxiety which have sporadic flare-ups. Make sure you research the best CBD tincture for anxiety before you begin a regimen.

If you like edible CBD products, tinctures are the way to go. These products work well when added to food. Some people do not like the taste of CBD regardless of how it is delivered. The option to add it to food is fantastic. CBD tinctures are great for those who want their daily dose with their morning coffee or breakfast. You can add the tincture directly to food or drink.

Is CBD oil better than a CBD tincture?

There are benefits to using a tincture versus an oil. A tincture is usually better flavored and works better is food and drinks. Also, a tincture lasts longer, so you don’t waste money.  CBD products can be pricey! But regardless of which you take, you still get the great benefits that come with any CBD product. Check out the products at Caleaf so you can find the best CBD tincture for anxiety.