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Spinal Disc Herniation CBD

For most people battling with back problems, the most difficult symptom to deal with is usually persistent pain and inflammation. If a herniated disc causes your back problem, Caleaf has the solution for you - our spinal disc herniation CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, a component which comes from the marijuana plant. It is the second most potent component in the plant and has a wide range of qualities, including pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. Although it comes from the marijuana plant, CBD does not make you high because it does not come with the psychogenic effects of the plant. It, therefore, can tackle all your pain and inflammation problems without altering your habits or getting you addicted to it.         

With back surgery proving not to be very effective, many people are looking for alternative methods of managing back pain coming with a herniated disc. Are you looking for a more natural approach to your disc herniation pain? CBD oil, made by extracting CBD using a solvent, concentrating it through evaporation and suspending it in hemp oil, is the best alternative for you. It will help reduce the inflammation and get rid of the pain without having adverse effects on your body.

Ways spinal disc herniation CBD treats back pain

CBD is effective in treating back pain by stimulating the cannabinoid system part of the brain. Stimulating this part of the brain reduces pain intensity and helps to reduce inflammation in your back, providing an alternative path for the management of pain. Although ordinary pain-relieving medication like opioids achieves the same thing, they tend to be habit-forming, an effect that you will not experience when using our CBD oil. You can take our CBD oil orally and topically, but to help with herniated disc pain it works best as a topical.

To alleviate pain related to disc herniation, apply the CBD oil directly to the area where you feel the pain. On the first week of using the oil, apply it liberally three times a day. After the pain starts reducing, reduce the amount and frequency of application but keep using it to assist the healing process and maintain relief. You can also use CBD oil during a therapeutic or chiropractic massage, or use it orally to promote overall wellness and to relax you from feeling the pain.

Can I use CBD with other medications?

Yes, you can. It is not likely that CBD oil will react to any other medications you are taking. Talking to a doctor is a good idea as they can recommend the best way to use it. If you want to take CBD oil orally, start with a low dosage and see how you react to it, then gradually increase the dosage.

Spinal disc herniation CBD from Caleaf is especially unlikely to cause any reaction because you use it as a topical for your herniated disc problem.