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Strawberry CBD Tincture - <b>2000mg</b>
Strawberry CBD Tincture - <b>2000mg</b>

Strawberry CBD Tincture - 2000mg


Rated #1 Tasting CBD Tinctures.

Our rich CBD oil starts with quality hemp flowers potent with cannabinoids. Once the hemp goes through our CO2 extraction process, you’re left with an all-natural, broad-spectrum, and highly potent CBD oil for those who want the highest quality hemp.

Just a few drops under your tongue and you’ll get a taste of our natural strawberry flavor (you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between our drops and the real fruit).

Why Caleaf?

Caleaf's brand formulations team includes PhD scientists, members of the medical community, and health-conscious parents. Our goal: to manufacture a pure, efficacious and the most effective CBD tincture.

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