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Taking CBD as a Sleep Aid

If you struggle to sleep at night and have tried everything you can think of, then the time has come for taking CBD as a sleep aid. Caleaf produces some of the highest quality CBD products you can buy. For your insomnia, you should give our products a try.

What is CBD oil?

CBD (full name cannabidiol) is a part of the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants are best known for marijuana production, but other parts of the plant have medicinal purposes. CBD may be a crucial part of marijuana, but CBD by itself will not get a person “high.”  The “high” one feels from marijuana comes from the chemical THC, which is also part of the plant but not a part of CBD products.

Holistic practitioners suggested CBD oil for decades. It was always a suitable replacement for pharmaceuticals for specific conditions. It hasn’t been until the last few years that the benefits of CBD went mainstream and the masses wanted to give it a try.

Conditions treated with CBD

Studies show CBD helpful with a broad range of conditions. These are just a few where patients have reported improvements in their symptoms after taking CBD products.

  •  Scientific research backs the positive effects of CBD products. CBD is highly successful for helping anyone manage but is exceptionally effective at helping children manage the condition.
  • Arthritis and Inflammation - Some patients who suffer from arthritis and other inflammatory issues have had great success with CBD products. These patients may not get back a full range of motion but have improved joint function and less pain.
  • Sleep Issues - Taking CBD as a sleep aid is useful for some conditions, specifically people living with chronic insomnia. It is unknown how helpful it is to other issues like sleepwalking.

Is CBD oil effective?

As CBD oil is currently gaining in popularity, so are the questions of its efficacy. Now, CBD is the solution to almost everything. The scientific community is beginning to do more research and studies on the topic. Some studies that have come back have been extremely promising for a whole host of conditions. For others, studies aren’t turning up much so far.

People who are using CBD oil to help them with a plethora of conditions would beg to differ with the research. Patient feedback to CBD has been overwhelmingly positive. For some, this is the relief they could not get from traditional pharmaceuticals. For those who do not wish to take traditional pills, CBD has also been a welcome relief. Others are happy to use it in conjunction with their daily medication regimen. For others, there is no noticeable difference in their condition.

If you are ready to see if CBD is a product that you could benefit from, check out the products on our website. Caleaf is ready and waiting to help you find the right product for your needs. Taking CBD as a sleep aid is safe, and we will help you find the product best for you.