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Wholesale Best CBD Oil Suppliers in California

Have you always wanted to try CBD products but didn’t know where to begin? The product assortment is overwhelming. What company should you choose? Let us make it easy for you. Try Caleaf products. Scientists test all our products for efficacy. Find our assortment at wholesale best CBD oil suppliers in California.

Is CBD oil legal?

Laws regulating the possession and sale of CBD products vary from state to state. In California, CBD is legal, along with marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. Not every state has taken the same enlightened position on marijuana or even CBD products. There are select states where possession of CBD products is legal, but the state forbids product sales.

Attitudes on CBD oil have changed radically in the last several years. This goes hand in hand with more states loosening their laws on marijuana. As marijuana use becomes more accepted, so has the use of CBD products. States are still very suspicious of loosening all marijuana regulations completely. But they do seem to be more open to cannabis derivatives like CBD.

Will CBD cause you to fail a drug test?

They can, but that depends on how much you take. The average CBD user doesn't have a high daily intake. Some CBD products have a hint of THC to them. A standard urine drug test looks for the amount of THC that is present in one’s urine. Since CBD contains such a small quantity of THC, it should not be present in any urine drug screen given by an employer or any other interested party.

That does not mean that it can not happen, however. If a person takes an extremely high dosage of CBD oil, they consume an amount that is significant by testing standards. Users who take at least 1000 milligrams per day of CBD oil consume at least 3 mg of THC. At this level, it shows up in a standard drug screen. A urine test cannot distinguish between THC consumed via CBD oil or THC consumed via marijuana. Take this under consideration when beginning a CBD regimen. If you have questions about THC levels in your products, be sure to buy them from reputable dealers who are wholesale best CBD oil suppliers in California.

Benefits of CBD oil

CBD oils and tinctures come with a range of benefits. Holistic medicine has known this for years, but modern medicine is just now catching up.

  • Fewer side effects versus traditional pharma (no nausea, constipation, etc.)
  • No prescription needed
  • All-natural
  • Easier to take versus traditional pills
  • Can fix a vast array of problems and you don’t have to have a new drug for each condition

As you can see, CBD oils and products come with a wide range of benefits. It can treat multiple conditions with no side effects. Our Caleaf products are scientifically tested to make sure they meet quality standards. Our products are also chemical-free. Find them today through wholesale best CBD oil suppliers in California.